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Beyonce…Singing About Jesus? Check this out!

Beyoncé Knowles hasn’t exactly been the “poster child” for the Christian faith as of late, but a new track out has her singing about Christ!

“Say Yes,” a new song just released by Michelle Williams, features the reunited trio from Destiny’s Child singing an unadulterated Gospel tune.

“When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no,” is the lyrics you hear over an infectious and catchy dance beat.

The trio goes back and forth with former group mates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland trading off parts and Knowles picks up the second verse.

The tune seems to be a part of William’s effort to live our her Christian faith through her music. Recently she spoke with Raj Nair, saying, “I kind of started noticing that, even with my platform with Destiny’s Child, my individual calling has something to do with evangelism, but not with the traditional way in a pulpit. I am to speak the word of God through my music, and I even have opportunities, say in theater or other things that I do individually, to just be a light. God gives us different platforms for His will to be done.”

Watch the video below:

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