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Book Review: THRIVE- Digging Deep Reaching Out, By Mark Hall With Tim Luke

Review By Rhonda Frye:

Many know Mark Hall as the lead singer of the multi-platinum selling Christian band, Casting Crowns, but Hall’s ministry is hardly confined to music. He is heavily involved in student ministry serving Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church’s youth. In addition to music and youth ministry, Mark Hall is an accomplished author. He, along with Eagle’s Landing’s Senior Pastor Tim Luke, has written four books. The latest release is THRIVE- Digging Deep, Reaching Out.

The book’s purpose is to encourage people to become deeply rooted in Christ in order to serve others. Hall says, “God’s dream for you is to know Him and make Him known, to dig deep into His Word and to plumb His depths and to reach out- to live in such a way that you point to the one true hope for all people.”

The language of the book is easily understood and the information is laid out in an organized format, divided into two sections. Hall uses real-life stories and grounded teachings to cover topics such as: building a spiritual foundation, spiritual disciplines, leadership, the value of people, what ministry really is, how to speak truth in love and a lot more.

Written from a voice of experience and with a heart of humility, the targeted audience is youth. However, the book is packed with profound truths to embrace and apply at any age and is perfect for any small group study. THRIVE enlightens those seeking God’s plan in life and redeems those paralyzed by past failures. THRIVE is a valuable source of information to learn what it is like to walk with Jesus and act like Jesus-all while thriving in life, not surviving it.

Casting Crowns released an album earlier this year carrying the same theological theme as the book. “The idea of THRIVE came out of our student ministry and what we’ve been teaching for years on what a believer looks like,” says Mark Hall. “This record and book is an effort to draw a picture of what a believer would look like if they dug into their roots and understood God and themselves more. We must first learn who God is and who we are. With that, half of our record is all about learning who God is and who you are. The other half is about how that works out. How are you going to get out there and let God live His life through you?”

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