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Editor’s Note By Rhonda Frye

We are having a great summer at Gospel Music Update. Thank you so much for making it great. You’ve shared our links, liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter. We are grateful for each and every like, follow, retweet, comment and share. You’re helping us get the message out about Jesus Christ, and that’s what is most important. Please keep it up!

We are growing at GMU and feel it is time to extend and expand. As an extension of our website, we are launching a new magazine soon. Very soon! The magazine will be online and free. Be watching for the debut release of Gospel Music Update Magazine, a news and information source covering all areas of Christian music. We are excited. Well-That’s an SGU logounderstatement. We are ecstatic and hope to pass along the enthusiasm to YOU!

As an expansion of Gospel Music Update, we are launching a new website showcasing Southern Gospel Music for our die-hard, straight-up Southern Gospel Music fans. The website is still under construction, however get involved now on our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter at

As we transition, keep us in your prayers. We want everything we do and say to honor God. It is also our heart’s desire to stir a fresh zeal and passion around the world for Christ and also Christian Music. The world’s population is enormous, we have our work cut out for us! Music in and of itself is powerful but Christian music is life giving, life altering and life support too! The world needs Jesus.

If I can serve you in anyway, let me know! Email me at

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