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Fuel Music Presents REVERENCE, A Song/Artist Discovery Recording Inspired By Hebrews 12:28, Releasing Aug 5

Fuel Music, one of the leading independent distributors of Christian music, CD’s, tapes and vinyl records internationally, releases REVERENCE: An Offering worldwide Aug. 5. Fuel has gathered together 18 artists who are offering 19 songs, including 17 never-before-released tracks, for the album. This newly created brand focusing on song/artist discovery and inspired by Hebrews 12:28 features recordings by such lauded artists as Martin Smith, Remedy Drive, One Sonic Society, Kathryn Scott, Dreamseed (Brenton Brown), Chris McClarney with Stu G, Kristene DiMarco, Anthony Skinner, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Jenny Simmons, Abandon, Lara Landon and more.

In this inaugural collection are worship anthems that range from the powerful, lush instrumentation of “Shores” by Jesus Culture Music’s Bryan and Katie Torwalt to the pop/rock bounce of “Commodity” by Remedy Drive and the sparse, intimate offering “Obsession” from Martin Smith. The album also previews songs from albums releasing later this year, including “Born Of God” from Jesus Culture Music’s Justin Jarvis and “There Is Grace” from independent artist Lara Landon.

Taking songs embraced by local congregations to the wider church community, REVERENCE further presents worship leaders like jimmy Thorpe and Patrick Mayberry, each serving local churches and offering organic, compelling expressions of praise for this compilation. All the songs on the recording share the admiration, respect and high esteem for God; a deep reverence for the One who is a “consuming fire.”

“This is an amazing collective of worship songs that honor the God of heaven, and from artists that have given voice to a multitude of worshippers in churches around the globe,” says Tony Patoto, Fuel Music founder and president. “One of the goals of this entire project is discovery, with the artists on the project committed to sharing REVERENCE with their collective contacts via social media, significantly bolstering the opportunity for connections to be made between those that appreciate worship music and these artists and songs that may never be discovered otherwise. The sum of all of these efforts is much greater than the efforts of just one!”

The following is a full list of songs and artists being featured on REVERENCE:

1 Band of Sons Andrew Ehrenzeller
2 Shores Bryan and Katie Torwalt
3 Yahweh One Sonic Society
4 Sing On The Battlefield Kathryn Scott
5 Anchor Jimmy Thorpe
6 Brought To Life Patrick Mayberry
7 Running After You Chris McClarney & Stu G
8 Song of Solomon Martin Smith
9 All The Praise Anthony Skinner
10 Time To Be Well Jenny Simmons
11 Virginia’s Getting Married Dreamseed
12 Forever Abandon
13 He Is Our Refuge Common Hymnal feat. Chris Jackson
14 Believer Kristene DiMarco
15 Satisfy My Soul Marc James (with Brenton Brown)
16 Born Of God Justin Jarvis
17 There Is Grace Lara Landon
18 Commodity Remedy Drive
19 Obsession Martin Smith

About Fuel Music
Based in Tennessee, Fuel Music & Management, LLC brings nearly 50 years of combined music industry experience in record label operations (Furious? Records), record distribution and marketing (EMI Label Group), and artist management for artists ranging from upstart bands to Dove and GRAMMY Award nominated, multi-platinum artists. Also enjoying a growing base in artist merchandise sales, more information on the company can be found at

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