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God’s Dream = Adventure

By Rhonda Frye

I love what I do! I am an official “go-between” linking Christian Music fans with beloved artists. Trust me, it is an adventure! Being that pictures of my journalistic escapades are plastered all over the internet, people photo 1usually ask me two questions. One- “How did you get into this?” And two, “What is _________________ really like off-stage?”

To answer question one, I can only say this is God’s plan for my life. My qualifications are few, but when it’s God’s idea, He equips. Honestly, when I crucified my desires, God granted me crazy opportunities. Max Lucado says something along the lines of… “If you’re banging on the door and trying to push it open, it’s probably not God’s will for your life. However, if you touch the door and it swings open, it is His will.” That’s exactly what happened for me.  I had been through a spiritual period of intense searching and surrendering, and wah-lah- here I am. There is joy in the will of God. I’m as happy as a goon!

To answer question 2, my best answer is human! That’s right. Artists are imperfect people, experiencing victories and disappointments, highs and lows- just like us.  Kim Collingsworth once said, “We get root canals just like everyone else.”

photo (72)On a limb, I’ll add….Most- if not all artists are the real-deal and sing for the right reasons. You can never know one’s heart, but I have nothing but wonderful things to say about each and every person I’ve ever met and worked with. Perfect? No. Good hearted? Absolutely! Spiritual, polite and friendly? You bet!

Elaborating… Memorial Day Weekend we had “all-access” passes to Family Fest. That means backstage admission and sitting with the artists and their families during the concerts. It was wonderful to see how the artists supported one another. One night, Guy Penrod sat right behind me.  I could hear him singing along throughout the night. I heard him best, because he was closest to me, but often I heard other artists singing too.

It was sweet to see artists worshiping as their peers performed. When the performers made their way off stage, their peers met them with hugs and high-fives.  A party atmosphere describes the scene back-stage. Laughter filled the air as friends mingled.  In an entire weekend up-close and personal with Gospel Music’s elite, I never saw an ego. Not once.

That weekend I realized that it takes many people led by an incredible leader to pull off a great event.  Bill Gaither amazed me with his leadership. He planned every detail in advance and communicated it so well that everyone knew what was going on. There was a team behind the scenes scrambling to get microphones to artists, also getting artists in place at the right times. I had a front row seat to all the action. All I can say is, what a team effort, I’m impressed!photo (74)

Another thing I’ve observed is: Artists love their families. At one point Jonathan Martin’s (The Martins) kids sat in front of me. They hooted and hollered as their dad rocked the house- they were so proud! Another time, I could hear little girls singing “Jesus Messiah” as their dad, Matthew Holt, played on stage. Children packed out the artist section and I was blessed to observe the family interaction. It was priceless.

So- I said all of that to say….I am truly blessed to be in a position of connecting artists with fans. I am living God’s dream for my life.  It is a blessing to see God equip ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His glory. I am ordinary and so are these popular artists. The good news is- God has a plan for you too! Seek Him with all of your heart, surrender your will and then obey what He tells you to do. Before long, you’ll be on your very own adventurous escapade because God’s dreams for us are better than ours. Living life His way is truly an adventure!

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