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Harmony Road TV to Feature Broadcast Premiere of Back Home Video “Birmingham”

Signal Mountain, TN October 12, 2014 This week’s Harmony Road television program will feature the broadcast premiere of Back Home’s thought provoking video “Birmingham”. The program will also air “Sometimes He Whispers”, a new video from Jay Parrack and Vocal Event as well as videos from the Lefevre Quartet and Jeff and Sheri Easter. This episode includes an in depth interview with Back Home as they discuss the video and the story behind it.

“We appreciate artists who have the vision to produce videos that tell the story of the song. We have great examples on this episode and I know our audience will enjoy and be challenged and encouraged by them” said Roger Spears, Harmony Road producer. “This special episode was produced at the Dixie Freeze Restaurant in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, one of the locations in the video and includes an interview with the Back Home as well as the actress portraying the main character of the story”, he concluded.

Written by Jennifer Layne and Mark Narmore, the idea for “Birmingham” came from a road experience when the group met a waitress in a restaurant who shared her own testimony of failure, rejection, and redemption. Jennifer shares, “We are so excited about this video. We know that this is not just a young lady’s story. People need to know that there are churches out there that are full of loving people who want to welcome them in. And, above all else, there’s a God who loves them no matter what they’ve done or where they’ve been. We all experience rejection from human beings but God will never turn His back on anyone.”

Gospel artists and church leaders have taken note of “Birmingham”. Jeff and Sheri Easter state “This video teaches us a lot about loving people who are hurting and not kicking them while they’re down. It is a beautiful representation of Christ’s love.” Karen Peck Gooch of Karen Peck and New River adds “This video is amazing and beautiful. It shows us how grace abounds and how true Christianity should be portrayed. May we all stop pointing fingers and start loving each other more?” Bishop Tim Hill said “Watching this video the first time brought tears to my eyes. The message of God’s forgiveness and redeeming love is unmistakable throughout. I wish everyone could see this and be touched by it as I have been.”

Now available to over 80 million homes nationwide, Harmony Road TV is hosted by Singing News and Solid Gospel Radio and Butler Music Group veteran Les Butler.

Information on Harmony Road, its affiliates and time slots can be found at Viewers can also interact with the program on Facebook at Harmony Road TV and on twitter @harmonyroadtv. Other team members include Roger Spears Producer and Allan Rhodes Technical Director.

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