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Rhonda’s Rundown: “Bible Story” Music Video By Mark209

Hello Friends,
I truly love my work! I’m blessed to have a platform to share my journeys, concerts and various experiences I run across as I write and report gospel music news. My column this time is about an experience in the form of a fun gospel music video. I believe that Christians should be full of joy and diligent about spreading it around. And that’s why I love the music video to “Bible Story” by Mark209. When I first saw it, I was smiling within seconds and I think you will too.

I love this on many levels, actually. Starting with the song itself, the music is catchy, the lyrics are dead-on truth and I love the melody sung in unison an octave apart in verse 2. What a nice surprise and break from the traditional 4-part harmony quartets usually are known for.

The video screams with personality as the guys are dressed in their unique style of clothes, singing with smiles and moving like they totally enjoy what they do.

Great song, clever video produced with excellence- I have one thing to say…. “Awesome!” Hey guys- thumbs-up, hand-shake, high-five, fist-bump because this video made my day a brighter one!

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