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Steven Curtis Chapman: Beauty Will Rise – Review

Review by Martha Bolton

Steven Curtis Chapman’s newest CD, Beauty Will Rise, deals openly and honestly with those tormenting whys of life, and also offers the reality of God’s love and faithfulness through it all. Unmistakably a loving tribute to Steven’s five-year-old daughter, Maria, who lost her life in a tragic accident, Beauty Will Rise is a father’s reflective processing of the unthinkable.

In the midst of such personal pain, however, a clear sense of peace permeates this work. Listeners will feel validated for the times that they too have questioned the fairness of life, and they’ll be comforted by the hope-filled lyrics that Steven has so ably penned.

The title cut, Beauty Will Rise, speaks to anyone who has ever had to say goodbye when they didn’t want to, been hurt when they didn’t deserve it, faced betrayal, disappointment, failure, or uncertainty.

Faithful is another cut that reminds us that whatever we go through, God is never far from our side. And I Will Trust You is especially poignant, capturing both the questioning of, and the surrendering to, God’s will.

Our God is In Control is powerful enough to bring comfort to the most critically wounded among us, and February 20th is a moving song about the day when Maria gave her heart to the Lord. (Yes, you will need tissues nearby.)

The final cut, Spring is Coming, is a song that reminds each of us about the promise of an eternal reunion one day.

For Steven, this was a project of love. He says that he wrote each song straight from his gut, and because of the personal nature of this particular work, he remained at the helm throughout the entire project.

Beauty Will Rise is a CD that is sure to move you emotionally. Every song on the album will make you feel as if Chapman is singing to your own pain, and offering hope for your own situation. And in a very real way, he is.

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